Mediumship and the Importance of Intention

With apologies for the slight delay in picking up the thread, I thought I would follow up on the last post by addressing the second part of question I was put: ‘Is a shaman/medium’s function, when used badly, the opening/widening of the way, the flow of evil into this world?’

There is a lot to unpick in what looks like a simple question; again, I’m going to approach it from the perspective of a medium trained in the Spiritualist tradition.

The core function of a medium is to communicate and/or to be used for the purpose of communication. Most mediums work consciously and, far from lapsing into some form of unconscious trance, prefer to remain in charge and aware of what they are doing (in some degree, anyway). As one long-standing medium once put it: ‘I raise my vibration so as to be aware of additional realities’, meaning she didn’t just sit there & wait for things to happen. The training I went through to become a medium was about expanding or enhancing my awareness so as to become conscious of some of the things that lie beyond the everyday, physical or material world that we see around us. When I was a child, I would sometimes perceive people I knew to be ‘dead’ but I was not in control of when it happened or who it was. My view is that this is a natural human ability but in many people it has wasted away over the generations, and is so slight that it just goes unnoticed. The training I had in my development circle put heavy emphasis on working my psychic muscles so that what little natural ability I had could be used as the starting point for developing the ability to communicate usefully with people in spirit. It’s still not the same as having an embodied person in front of you to talk to but it is a little like using a telephone – sometimes the connection isn’t great and you just get odd snatches of what someone is trying to say, at other times the connection seems to be quite clear, and it can be surprising how much gets through. In saying this, I don’t mean to give the impression that I commonly hear spirit as an audible noise – this can happen, but it is rare, and has only happened when someone has particularly needed to catch my attention. People often need to shout to catch my attention – I daydream a lot (I find God talks more sense than most people in this world).

My experience of spirit communication is that it is almost always by thought: when I say I ‘see’ something, I usually mean I have a mental image or vision of it; when I say I ‘hear’ something, I usually mean I have a mental sense of words spoken, even though I haven’t heard a physical sound. A lot of mediums these days talk of clairsentience, or having an impression of something, as a way of getting across the point that communication with spirit is more directly at the soul level, rather than being mediated by the physical senses. Often the job of a medium is to turn impressions into words, so as to pass on something intelligible to those who are not mediums.

One thing I have noticed is that the same person in spirit can come across slightly differently when using different mediums, and this is because each medium is a unique instrument (viewed from the perspective of the person in spirit). Every tool is what it is, with its own unique mental and psychological qualities. So someone in spirit choosing to try & communicate needs to connect or blend with the medium, by thought, using their own personal energy. But there is a problem here – how many people do you meet and feel they are exactly on your wavelength? You know those rare times when you meet someone and you realise that they have exactly your own sense of humour, say things you can imagine saying yourself, choose the same things off the menu, have the same values, the same capacity to love, the same taste in clothes or furnishings, the same enthusiasm for pre-Raphaelite art. Hardly ever. It’s rare.

And yet, somehow, spirit people & mediums need to try & connect if any kind of message is to get through to the embodied person the message is for. From the perspective of spirit, this is so much easier when trying to use a medium who is on a similar wavelength – someone who just ‘gets’ what it is you’re trying to say. I’ve worked in many Spiritualist churches over the years, and I’m sure people in spirit pick & choose depending on what kind of things I’m thinking about, what frame of mind I’m in, and so on. I’m sure there are some who take one look at me & think ‘I’m not even going to try & communicate through him – that guy’s just not on my wavelength at all!’ Also, the things a spirit person might be able to prompt in my mind could be quite different from the things they would be able to prompt in the mind of another medium – it’s the same spirit person but they can come across quite differently depending on which medium they are trying to work with. We all know how difficult communication can be & how easy it is for misunderstandings to arise, especially when people are emotional or upset & not really listening to each other. It doesn’t automatically get easier just because one of the people trying to communicate has left their earthly body behind.

This is where the importance of intention lies. Our personal energy, spiritual body, aura, call it what you will, is very much bound up as to its tone with the kind of thoughts we choose to think, or are just in the habit of thinking. People in spirit connect most easily with embodied people who are on the same wavelength – i.e. most like themselves. If you are evil, that is the kind of influence you will attract, and it will strengthen that tendency in you. If you are loving, that is the the kind of influence you will attract, and it will strengthen that tendency in you. It is often said in Spiritualism that our thoughts are real, and they are – just as real as the screen you are reading now, more so, some would say. We are often reminded by spirit that as we think, so we are, and as we continue to think, so we increasingly become.

So does bad mediumship open the door to evil? Well, the intention of a medium sends out its own unique signal to people in spirit. If the medium is evil, that is what will most easily be able to connect. If the medium is good and loving, motivated by a genuine desire to demonstrate personal survival beyond death, to reconnect loved ones so as to ameliorate the pain of separation, then this will be reflected in the medium’s work. This is why everyone who thinks of being a medium, or who is in training, must constantly reflect upon their own intention. Do you want to be famous? Do you want to be rich? Or do you want the satisfaction of spending at least part of your life doing God’s work, regardless of whether anyone else notices? These questions need to be answered, and answered honestly. If the honest answer is that you would quite like a bit of attention, be aware of that need in yourself, and instead of being ashamed by, acknowledge it, so as to understand why, and wean yourself off it over time. If we pretend our intentions are more noble than they truly are, we just remain stuck, and may risk regressing rather than progressing. Gentle and supportive with others, ruthless with yourself.

And don’t fall into the ancient trap of thinking evil is some kind of independent force that you can’t challenge or don’t bear responsibility for. This is weak, it doesn’t become us, and it is a large part of the reason why evil persists. The guides in spirit have long told us that although they can perceive God more clearly than when they were embodied, no-one has ever discovered any kind of Devil, or evil counterpart to God with its own independent existence. The only evil we do is the evil we do to each other. That can give rise to forces that can seem overwhelming or too strong to challenge, but it is also why they fade when we stop feeding them. Fear? Love? You choose.

Mediumship is a human ability; like any other form of knowledge, it can be used for good or ill. We can use it to fulfil our earthly desires, or we can use it explore God (or whatever name you prefer for the source of the energy (spirit) that everything is). We strengthen that which we think of: we become it, and it becomes us. This is why there is always hope, whatever lies in the past. And that should be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face…


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